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The SAMR Set System

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SAMR Sets are lessons from each of four content areas developed into four new versions intended for teachers to select from for application to their new 1:1 classrooms. Each of the four “SAMR Set” versions provide increasing levels of student-centeredness and 1:1-based technology integration, indexed to the four SAMR levels developed by Ruben Puentedura.  In brief, SAMR Setc contain two kinds of resources: 

  1. Lesson models for all content areas developed into four versions for application to 1:1 classrooms, each version indexed to the SAMR Ladder for teacher choice.
  2. Interactive tutorials that train teachers to run lessons and develop lesson materials with Google tools.  Tutorials follow a demo => train => assess sequence.

Providing a range of versions give teachers choice in how far to stretch in their integration of technology and their adoption of student-centered 1;1 classrooms. Lesson applications that are not too far from current practice are more likely to succeed. To assist with mastering the technology, interactive tutorials train teachers to develop lesson materials using Docs, Sheets, Forms, Classroom, and other Google tools.  Tutorials follow a demo => train => assess sequence, giving teachers numeric results and recommendations.

These modules are incorporated into a separate track of the online course, adding structured peer-review sequences for customized materials along with other job-embedded tasks. 

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