The Student-Centered Learning Sequence

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What is the SCL Sequence?

  1. A path through five instructional strategies: open-ended questioning, student-centered discussion, think-pair-share, jigsaw and project-based-learning. 
  2. A series of eLearning modules and associated resources to help teachers apply SCL strategies for the first time, first F2F and then 1:1 blended.
  3. A section of an online course that helps faculty teams adopt SCL and 1:1 models together, adding readings, discussions, and job-embedded tasks.

Module Objectives

  1. Teachers can apply four basic SCL structures effectively in their lessons.
  2. Teachers can define behavioral expectations needed for SCL structures.
  3. Teachers can assess and support student self-regulation needed for SCL.
  4. Teachers can identify and support growth of related student competencies.

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